Kawasaki H2 Road Bike.

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h2 road

KAWASAKI has just unveiled its new Ninja H2, a 210hp road-going version of the track-only H2R.

The engine has been detuned from the H2R’s 300hp-plus to 200hp but hits a claimed 210hp with the benefit of ram-air.

Kerb weight is 238kg, giving the H2 a power-to-weight ratio of 0.88 hp/kg. Peak torque is 98.5lbft.

Kawasaki says the supercharged engine has only received minor changes to meet noise and emission limits and delivers ‘acceleration unlike anything you can experience on a naturally aspirated bike’.

The supercharger produces an engine characterstic ‘similar to having a wide power band,’ according to the firm.

The H2 shares the H2R’s steel trellis frame which Kawasaki says allows a short wheelbase for sharp handling while providing excellent high-speed stability. The single-sided swing-arm – Kawasaki’s first – bolts directly to the engine, which acts as a stressed member.

The mirrors are designed to aerodynamically assist high-speed stability while a ‘chin spoiler’ on the fairing delivers downforce to the front wheel.

Electronics include multi-level traction control with a track mode, launch control to maximise acceleration from a standstill and ABS.

It’s also got a quick-shifter and an Öhlins electronic steering damper.

The H2 has KYB suspension front and rear with a fully adjustable shock.

The brakes are from Brembo, with 330mm semi-floating discs and radial-mounted monobloc calipers at the front and a 250mm disc at the rear.

Kawasaki says the riding position is slightly less aggressive than typical of a supersports bike, and no pillion seat is provided because ‘enjoyment of the intense acceleration and high-speed capabilities was the first priority’.

The paint uses ‘a chemical reaction between a solution of silver ions and a reducing agent that forms a layer of pure silver’ according to Kawasaki. A first on a production motorcycle, it looks black in the shade but takes on a mirrored-finish in light.

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